Sample Cases

Lost Profits of an Unestablished Business: Was instrumental in showing that the plaintiff’s economist used speculative methods to estimate the lost profits for an unestablished business.
Rumor Analysis: Used rumor analysis to estimate the monetary loss incurred by an attorney as a result of being slandered.
Diminished Earnings as a result of Sexual Harassment: Estimated the diminished earnings over the life-time of a female who discontinued her post-graduate education as a result of sexual harassment.
Patent Infringement: Calculated the lost profits and the amount of reasonable royalty that a patentee would be entitled to in a patent infringement case.
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death: Provided analysis and testimony in multiple cases resulting in seven-figure verdicts.
Facial Scarring: Estimated the expected diminished earning capacity over the life-time of a young girl who had facial scarring due to dog bites.
Class Action: Calculated the economic loss to a class of consumers due to alleged misrepresentations by a manufacturer.
Alienation of Affection: Provided an analysis of assets that resulted in a million-dollar verdict to a woman whose husband left her.